1. The Private Survey


TRUST of witnesses in the process lies at the heart of every incident  analysis. 


The witness surveys of the OHS sprint are collected in online forms without a tracking or tracing the contributors.


Witnesses are fully guided through a chosen set of the Occupational Health and Safety questions around the incident. 


A private and confi-dential handling of  the digital survey based contributions is fully   assured by an Umpire driven process.







2. The Neutral OHS Sprint


NEUTRALITY of an investigation is the basis of credible results. 


The OHS-Umpire is conducting the OHS Sprint with it's dual sessions in a fully neutral manner. 


An OHS-umpire will never quote directly from the surveys, but will instead neutralize the findings to pave the way for a fact based discussion.


The Umpire will respect dividing opinions and record a secondary vote accordingly. 


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3. The Clear CIMM Map


CLARITY of investi-gative results is the foundation of a fact based Measure

determination by the management.


The OHS-Umpire will document the results of the two OHS-Sprint sessions for causes and measures according to seven fields:










in the Cause-Incident-Measure-Map (CIMM).



4. The Result Transparency


TRANSPARENCY of results. 


The OHS-Umpire will together with the management document the results of the OHS-sprints in a transparent manner. 


Next to the temporary emergency measures the following three fields are documented:






A measure will be documented with a responsible person, a timeframe and an implementation tracker.


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All staff directly or indirectly involved in the incident are part of the OHS-sprint TEAM.


This includes all staff, witnesses, supervisors, non-managerial staff and managers.


The team members are taking part in a three step exercise.


First they are filling in an anonymous online survey about the incident. 


Second they are participating in the OHS-Sprint conducted by the umpire concerning the determination of the CAUSES of the incident. 


Third they are participating in the OHS-Sprint conducted by the umpire concerning the determination of the possible MEASURES of the incident. 


The UMPIRE is the key person in the neutral investigation of the incident. 


An umpire must conduct all meetings in an impartial and fully neutral manner. 


A fact must be only be questioned on whether being true or not. The knowledge of the person who contributed this fact is of no importance in an OHS-Sprint. 


This means an OHS-umpire will only focus on the facts presented in the survey. He or She must never reveal the amount of persons that can be attributed to a fact. 


Nor must he or she directly quote from the surveys in order to prevent the privacy of survey contributions on  being compromised. 


The MANAGEMENT  is the key for drawing the right conclusions out of the measures deducted from the OHS-Sprint.  


A manager is responsible for choosing the fitting MEASURES out of the catalogue presented by the OHS-Sprint. 


When choosing the Measures  it is possible to place them in the field Technology, Organization and Personell. 


Both Umpire and Manager will sign the Result sheet when closing the OHS-Sprint and turning it over to the implementation phase. 


A Manager can only close an OHS-sprint case, if all measures chosen are fully implemented and can be verified as effectiv be third party staff. 

Hello and Welcome!

The OHS-Sprint is a universal, revolutionary new concept for the fact based neutral investigation of incidents in the corporate environment.

Key features:


1.) Universal PRIVACY during web based witness accounts.  


                   A web based fact survey process will lead to an anonymous  

                   gathering of facts without tracking the origin of these.  



2.) Fully ensured NEUTRALITY during the OHS-Sprint Moderation.                      


                  The Umpire is the key to a neutral discussion of Causes and

                  Measures. He or She will never reveal the amount of

                  contributions for a cause or even individual quotes from the 



3.) A transparent DOCUMENTATION of measures chosen by the management. 

                  The management will document the measures chosen by it in

                  the final OHS-Sprint documentation. This way external

                  observers from the top management can always check the

                  integrity of the chosen measures. 


These are the building blocks of this universally applicable system for a fact based incident investigation in corporate Occupational Health and Safety problems. 



Due to the impartial and documented nature this system is compliant with the future ISO 45001 requirements on leadership and non-mangerial worker participation.  

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